Décor Permit

The decoration work should be done through a contractor approved by Dubai Municipality and should abide by the specifications, requirements, and provisions of the building and planning legislation in force in the municipality. The decoration work should be within the limits of construction units that are approved according to the licensed plans of the building. It should not include any building area that is added, cancelled, included, or separated. 

Process of getting your décor permits approved in Dubai

The decoration is a part of the construction and is the process and means through which the appearance of a new or pre-existing work is made more attractive and enhanced. Such decoration work basically adheres to a house that is going to be built or a house that is going to be re-constructed. The house is a place where people spend the maximum time of their life. It is also a place that will reflect our lifestyle. So, special attention must be offered while planning the interior as well as the exterior of a house.

Whatever you plan to do, there is a certain process to it and each state has its own laws to carry on any construction work. From the very starting, you need to adhere to those laws and the very initial stage is to get your construction permit approved. This is also not an exception in states like Dubai. The only difference is the process of décor permit approval is exclusive and you need to know that properly before proceeding with any decorating work.

Description of the Service

Getting your décor permit approved is a special service that pertains to Dubai. This specific service enables a customer to obtain a permit that allows him to carry on any construction or decorating work. To get the permit, you need to submit all details of the work to be done along with drawings. Sometimes this also includes some internal partitions, some special type of interior decoration work, aluminum and glass work, fixed furniture, etc. Going through this Decor Permit Approval step in Dubai is mandatory for house owners, consultants, and decoration companies. The building department of the Dubai Corporation provides this service.

You need to remember in this regard that the permit is valid for 6 months and you need to end your decorating work within this time period. Failing to do this will make the permit subjected to renewal. Moreover, it is expected that the building consultant will apply for the permission and handle it over to the contractor.


To avail the décor permit within time, you can visit some of the well known Pro services companies in Dubai. However, you need to carry some very important documents to get the permit.

1. Drawing of the project.

2. Assessment letter given by the tenant to the consultant

3. Approval of the owner

4. Affection plan

5. A copy of the initial approval for the project or trade license

Along with these documents, you also need to keep the service fees ready. The minimum fee for a request for decoration permit/sq. ft is 200 AED and the maximum fee required is 1,000 AED. If you offer a cheque and the same bounces, you need to pay a fee of 500.0 AED.

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