Shisha Cafe (DM Rules)

If you are planning to invest in the Shisha Café or Shisha Restaurant in Dubai, you have to know the government and Dubai municipality standards. You have to understand the rules and regulations to avoid cancellation of your application, fines and future shutdown. You will need to start the process by taking initial approval by applying for Shisha Permit Service request and trade name reservation, 

New regulation of Dubai Municipality

1. Shop  must face the main street. The main street must be approved by authorities.

2. Interior space must not be less than 200sq and the cafe lounge around 150 square meters.

3. The retail space must be located in a commercial building on the main road.

4. The minimum distance between Shisha Restaurant, Café, Lounge between nearby building and buildings must be 150 meters.

5. The minimum distance between Shisha Restaurant, Café, Lounge between nearby building and buildings must be 150 meters.

6. The minimum distance between Shisha Restaurant, Café, Lounge between nearby mosques and worship places must be 150 meters.

7. Shisha Restaurant, Café, Lounge must have a separate outdoor entrance as the basic design of the building and the shop should be isolated from the rest of the building.

8. Shisha Restaurant, Café, Lounge should be the building`s main entrance by at least 7.5 meters.

9. The Owner must provide a NOC to serve shisha on the premises.

10. Cannot serve shisha in malls or hotels in enclosed spaces.

Ventilation & Air Conditioning

1. The interior air pressure of the designated smoking area should be below the interior air pressure that is found in adjacent areas between (5-7) Pascal, i.e. equivalent to (0.02 to 0.03) inches of water.

2. Supply air provided to the designated smoking area must not be less than 60 cfm. For each person (design must be based on the maximum occupant density).

3. Air from the designated smoking area must be mechanically exhausted to the outside and no air from designated smoking area may be re-circulated to a nonsmoking area through the air conditioning and ventilation system. The mechanical exhaust system must be on at all working times to create negative pressure within the designated smoking area and the negative pressure must be maintained while any door(s) to the room are open.

4. Ventilation and air conditioning systems for smokers must be separated from other systems. The air shall not be re-circulated with adjacent no smoking areas. Exhausted air must be a minimum separation distance not less than 10 meters from the entrances or exits of the building, windows, and pedestrians’ walkways and the fresh air intake of the ventilation and air conditioning system. 

Procedure on how to get Shisha License in Dubai Municipality

1. Applying initial approval for permit service request and trade name reservation

2. Agreements signing at Notary public Dubai

3. Finally attested tenancy contract of the premises

4. Approval from Dubai Municipality

5. Submit all papers including passport copies if the partners involved in the business

6. Signing of final approval by Dubai Municipality who will inspect premises and educate you about the Shisha rules and regulations 

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