Smokeless Kitchen Hood

We use the globally advanced electrostatic technologies, combined with our patented plate electric fields. The cooking fume and oil mist from restaurants or hotel kitchens can most efficiently achieve filtration and purification. Air is drawn by the motor/blower through a filter bank which traps large dust particles. The remaining particles, some as small as 0.01 microns pass into a strong electrical field (ionizing section) where the particulate receives an electrical charge.

Electrostatic Filtration

1. At Source Treatment 

2. Less Grease BuildUp in Ducts

3. Double Pass filtration

4. Highly Efficient

5. Power Smart Pack

6. UV Odour Eliminator

7. Mist Blasting Wheel

8. High Flow Low Noise Fan

9. Selective Discharge

10. Stainless Steel Construction

11. Lightweight Baffle Filter

12. Moist-Proof LED Illuminator

3rd Generation CariCool Digital

1. VFD Power Output Capability

2. Soft Start-Up

3. Constant Current Limited Voltage Output

4. Arc Extinction

5. Short Circuit Protection

6. Open Circuit Protection

7. Transformer Over Heat Protection

8. Overload Protection

HV Power Pack

1. Imported high quality epoxy resin is processed with state-of-the-art vacuum techniques to ensure bulle-free encapsulation of the coils, while industrial grade epoxy-philic insulation is applied between adjacent coils to prevent heat-incuded failure.

2. Primary and secondary windings are arrange concentrically to reduce EMI which may cause heating and energy losses for other electrical appliances and degrade the performance of the circuits.

3. Muliple winding configuration coupled with diode bridge rectification, the deal topology for high voltage application.

4. 70kV cable is used to minimize possibilities of electrical breakdowns.

5. Super-fine winding conductors with excellent electrical properties are used.

6. MCU Inside – Real world load conditions are sampled instantaneously using proprietary technology while PFM/PWM output waveform is adjusted accordingly to achieve constant current and limited voltage output. This way, stable closed-loop control for voltage and current output is implemented and all of this is done within 0.00001s, with STM32 MCU.

Why Interior Decisions LLC?

Interior Decisions LLC  specialize in commercial fit out works for Offices, Restaurants, Café Shop, Shisha.  Interior Decision LLC has own team who are expertise in their field. We are the contractors with Design and Build Capabilities and has a habit of improvising our quality , cost , professional ethics meeting to our client expectations.

We  are specialized in the Design & Build Projects, Turnkey contracting , General Contracting, services includes execution and handover of projects to clients along with required approval from various agencies. So our client do not loose their hard earned money in technical parameters and standards. Low Operation cost helps client to get best in the market and on time. Past Projects Experience of –  Hotels/ Restaurants / Salon & Spa / Shisha / Offices  etc.

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