Dubai Civil Defence Approval

Upon the process of setting up your restaurant, cafeteria, offices you have to gain approval from Dubai Civil Defense with the Dubai Municipality. The process was called Civil Defense Approval. Imran JD Group is expert with more than a decade of experience in Dubai, We will help you whatever it takes to gain approval from Dubai Civil Defence to have your business up & running in Dubai.

What is DCD?

Dubai Civil Defence have been playing an important role to maintain the proper level of security and safety in industrial plants, factories and commercial buildings in Dubai. They also run rescue programs during different kinds of disastrous situations. The main objective of Dubai Civil Defence is to protect life and property of the public.

Imran JD Group provides solutions for installing fire alarm system, smoke detector system, sprinkler system and other safety systems that are necessary to gain approval from Dubai Civil Defence. Other main things to gain NOC from DCD are as follows:

1. Water Supply Layout

2. Power Layout

3. HVAC and Ventilation Layout

4. Mechanical Equipment Schedule

5. Power layout indicating meter location

6. Lighting layout

7. Fire alarm and firefighting layout

8. LPG layout

9. Grease interceptor for kitchen/restaurant

10. Coordinated reflected ceiling plan with final MEP Fix layout

11. Load schedule

12. Single line diagram

Why Interior Decisions LLC?

Interior Decisions LLC  specialize in commercial fit out works for Offices, Restaurants, Café Shop, Shisha.  Interior Decision LLC has own team who are expertise in their field. We are the contractors with Design and Build Capabilities and has a habit of improvising our quality , cost , professional ethics meeting to our client expectations.

We  are specialized in the Design & Build Projects, Turnkey contracting , General Contracting, services includes execution and handover of projects to clients along with required approval from various agencies. So our client do not loose their hard earned money in technical parameters and standards. Low Operation cost helps client to get best in the market and on time. Past Projects Experience of –  Hotels/ Restaurants / Salon & Spa / Shisha / Offices  etc.

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