Electrical Installation (Sub Main Distribution Board)

Imran JD Group offers electrical installation systems (SMDB) under DEWA contracting in Dubai. Our skilled team provides complete package from design to installation which is carried out by qualified electricians in Dubai, UAE. We will take on board your full electrical necessities from the design stage to the electrical installation & certification.

DEWA Approved Electrical Installation Contractors

We are a DEWA approved electrical installation contractors for all the Activation of Electricity and Water (Move-in) for Villas and Building applications. We work towards your water and piping connections as well as help through your electrical installations & electrical maintenance in Dubai, UAE.

APPLICATIONS: Offices, Shops, Mall, Industries etc.


We are DEWA approved for electrical installation. We provide services that help our clients to attain fit out power connection for commercial places, malls, industries, shops and offices. The DEWA charges a nominal fee for fit-out application and the process can be finished in few days. We structure the place & gather approved dates from the DEWA for inspection and guide through the LV Inspection as well.

Procedure for Sub Main Distribution Board (SMDB)

We ensure that the SMDB is complete and all mechanical & electrical comments on installation are completed & approved assuring that no damage has occured between mechanical completion & pre-comissioning.

1. We check for the location of installation if its free of any water or construction debris.

2. We ensure that the wiring termination to the SMDB are complete, tight & secure.

3. We ensure that the outgoing cables from the SMDB are terminated in the respective Distribution Boards / Equipment.

4. We Repair / Replace damage components, if any

5. We ensure that the earthing of SMDB has been completed.

6. We ensure the availability of power supply to the SMDB.

7. We ensure that the cables to the SMDB are properly tagged & identified.

8. We ensure that the rating of the breakers (MCCBs) are as per approved shop drawings & schedules.

9. We ensure the metering connections are proper & the meter are in healthy condition.

10. We check manually all the breakers in the SMDB.

11. We check the termination of the cables to the bus bars are tightened properly.

12. We ensure that all manufacturer’s instruction are carried out as stated in test procedures of SMDB.

Why Interior Decisions LLC?

Interior Decisions LLC  specialize in commercial fit out works for Offices, Restaurants, Café Shop, Shisha.  Interior Decision LLC has own team who are expertise in their field. We are the contractors with Design and Build Capabilities and has a habit of improvising our quality , cost , professional ethics meeting to our client expectations.

We  are specialized in the Design & Build Projects, Turnkey contracting , General Contracting, services includes execution and handover of projects to clients along with required approval from various agencies. So our client do not loose their hard earned money in technical parameters and standards. Low Operation cost helps client to get best in the market and on time. Past Projects Experience of –  Hotels/ Restaurants / Salon & Spa / Shisha / Offices  etc.

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