Food & Health Department

Setting up your new restaurant as an individual in Dubai could be very hard. Getting approvals from the Dubai Food Control Department is way too much process to set up a commercial restaurant, café or cafeteria. Imran JD Group helps you make it easy to prepare the layout so that you get the approval from the Food Control Department of Dubai with ease.

Things you need to know to get approval

1. Floor and the ceiling should be easy to cleaned. Your walls should be light colored and the material used must be fire-proof, and non-toxic.

2. The restaurant or cafeteria must have a proper drainage system. It should also have proper ventilation to avoid suffocation.

3. The Restaurant or Cafeteria must have the pest control contract(Pest Control company).

4. The drainage system and the water ways must be on underground. They must not be visible to the customers.

5. The Restaurant smoke should not enter the neighboring building. the duct must be 2 meter higher between neighboring building.

6. The Restaurant or Cafeteria should always clean, there must not be any germs on the table.

7. Seperate room for cleaning material & chemicals is a must to avoid future shutdown.

8. All the of above points are needed to get the Restaurant, Cafe & Cafeteria Approval.

Food Stuff Establishment Trade License NOC

Enables the fish shops, shops selling vegetables and fruits, restaurants, coffee shops, mills, re-packing of dry food, Permission for cleaning water storage tanks.. etc . To obtain No objection certificate to complete the procedures of issuing a trade license related to food activity, which issued by the DED.

Food Transportation vehicles registration Service

This service examines and registers food transportation vehicles and gives the necessary approvals to ensure that it meet the necessary food safety standards.

Important Information to Food Establishment

1. The layout of the establishment which is approved by the Food Safety Department (whenever is required).

2. Occupational health cards for the food handlers (issued by DM).

3. Training certificates of the food handlers (approved by DM).

4. Pest control contract (with a company which is approved by DM)

5. Programs of cleaning, maintenance and calibration, and record keeping.

6. Employee sickness report and sick leave book.

7. Copy of permits of food transportation vehicles (if any).

8. Copies of food transportations’ vehicles’ permits (if any).

Why Interior Decisions LLC?

Interior Decisions LLC  specialize in commercial fit out works for Offices, Restaurants, Café Shop, Shisha.  Interior Decision LLC has own team who are expertise in their field. We are the contractors with Design and Build Capabilities and has a habit of improvising our quality , cost , professional ethics meeting to our client expectations.

We  are specialized in the Design & Build Projects, Turnkey contracting , General Contracting, services includes execution and handover of projects to clients along with required approval from various agencies. So our client do not loose their hard earned money in technical parameters and standards. Low Operation cost helps client to get best in the market and on time. Past Projects Experience of –  Hotels/ Restaurants / Salon & Spa / Shisha / Offices  etc.

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